As in all homes, the zoo is home to the animals within and has its rules also. Visitors are asked to comply with these guidelines to protect the peace and harmony of the resident animals as well as for the peace of other visitors – and for the safety of all, visitors and residents.

  • Prohibited irritation or any disturbance of the animals.
  • Smoking near the animals in the Zoo Garden is prohibited.
  • Feeding the animals is not permitted.
  • Visitors have the opportunity to feed the animals with approved animal food available through zoo staff for certain animals.
  • Do not go beyond the barriers at the animal enclosures. Do not insert or throw any objects into the animal enclosure. Anyone disturbing
  • any zoo animal by such behavior may be subject to legal action.
  • Bicycles, mopeds, dogs or other pets and animals are prohibited from entering the zoo.
  • Photography in the zoo is permitted. Use of photography and all other forms of recording for commercial or advertising purposes is not permitted without prior express permission of zoo management
  • Children under ten years old must be accompanied by an adult.
  • Zoo staff has the authority to ask zoo visitors to show their admission ticket while in the zoo.
  • Visitors are advised to keep their admission ticket throughout their stay in the zoo.

The zoo staff may ask those visitors not following these rules or otherwise disturbing the peace of the zoo animals to leave the zoo. Further, anyone damaging any animal or any part of zoo property will be subject to consequences and liability for compensation for such damage done in accordance with governing legal provisions.

Lates News

A number of reconstruction and construction of which would be presented as follows:
  • Reconstructed toilet for visitors;
  • Set an marketing panel at the main entrance gate;
  • Activated object for rest and refreshment to visitors (ice cream, coffee, tea and soft drinks);
  • Санирана е оградата на периметарот на Зоолошката градина;
  • Built a new slaughterhouse;
  • Reconstructed the pool with a fountain in the central area of the Zoo;
  • Built a summer stage for holding cultural events;
  • Placed 44 lampposts for lighting of the Zoo;
  • Installed power supply in a country house with farm (it is ready to maintain the birthday celebrations) and habitat for monkeys and bears;
  • Performed additional construction work in habitat for hippo, to increase the security of the same;
  • Organized cultural and artistic program within the BIT FEST entitled "ZOO FEST";
  • MINI BUS is branded with the logo of the Zoo;
  • The procedure for a complete video surveillance Zoo is initiated;
  • Placed fire extinguishers and first-aid boxes;
  • Recorded five (5) episodes ZOO TV;
  • This web page is made, and is done and refresh the facebook page;
  • Horticultural covered trail to the spring months;

Contact info

Tumbe Kafe b.b.
+389 (0) 47 222 956
+389 (0) 47 202 033

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